A Black Widow in Marion

So very happy to be out of NC, many bad memories there.  Especially happy to be away from Marion, NC as I found no real life forms in that God-forsaken town! — Sandra Camille Bridewell-Powers [quoted from a Facebook page early 2011]

Sandra Camille Bridewell-Powers

How strange life can be … Back in January, 2009, I think it was, I rented a post office box to this woman. She was extremely friendly, soft-spoken, with a kind face. Other than that, thought nothing of it. Soon after, she came back and asked if I could take the phone number off her application. I jokingly said, “What, you don’t want us to have your number?” Her response was something to the effect of, ” YOU can have it, I just don’t want the Post Office to,” and she handed me her number on a little piece of paper. Over the next year, or so, she openly flirted with me, much to the amusement of my co-workers, bringing me purple flower petals, waiting around in the lobby until I would appear, and other such stuff. Then, she was gone … I hadn’t noticed, until one of the mail carriers mentioned to me that he had seen a story about her on the Biography Channel the other night.

Seems, she had 3 dead husbands, lots of insurance money, a dead woman friend, and lots of scams in her past. Back in 2007, before she came to Marion, she had been convicted of identity theft and spent about 2 years in prison. She was suspected of murdering at least one of her husbands, but nothing had come of it. She was released from prison, moved to Marion, and then she moved on. According to the show – which I haven’t seen – the authorities are reopening some of the cases involving deaths to people close to her.

Pretty darn weird to have encountered this person … Here is her story on the Bio Channel web site:


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