The Halloween Wars!

Years later, some of the good guys!

Halloween Night – One block east of the NYC line: I sure hope no little brat kids egg my car tonight. No, sir! Kids these days! Why can’t they act like we did, in the good old days. There was a period of 2 or 3 years, longer actually, but I “retired,” when a group of us from NW Valley Stream, NY would meet up with a group of between 30-50 kids from SE Elmont on Everett Street in VS to wage a good, old-fashioned Halloween War! We only numbered 10-12 souls, so, being vastly outnumbered, we had to  improvise a bit. Oh sure, there was plenty of egg throwing and pumpkin smashing, but that was sissy stuff! 😉 The last year, we ran gasoline across the street, right in the path of the oncoming hordes. Mixed in, were a bunch of cherry bombs & ash cans. In the hedges, some of us were hidden, armed with baseball bats embedded with nails. I don’t believe they were ever actually used, they were more for effect. Others stood in plain view to lure the interlopers in. For those interested in history, it was kind of like the Zulu Horns of the Bull. Anyway … We actually lit that fire there in the middle of the street – fireworks blasting – egg bombs hurling – Oh, it was awesome. When the festivities ended, the leader of the attackers met with me in the street to have a parlay and make peace. I extended my hand in friendship. POW! I got a fist right in the schnozz! And that was that, as I said, I “retired” after that … and passed the torch to the next up & coming group of kids [we were teens, actually]. So, DON”T EVEN THINK OF EGGING MY CAR TONIGHT!! I am a respected veteran of the Valley Stream/Elmont, NY Halloween Wars! Happy Halloween!

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  1. Well, Rich, as God would have it- as I now serve as deacon in the church, one of the sacristans, and a good friend of mine, is a former Elmont ” halloween gang” member!! We now serve together at Mass many Sundays! Who woulda thunk it?!?! -Ron


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