How I felt 2 years ago on this morning [post-Election Day] …

Depressed? Yes, a little. Surprised? Not really. Concerned? Very. Most of all, though, I am disappointed. I am disappointed in approximately half of my fellow Americans … that you could be so blinded by the rhetoric and “racial history,” so mislead by the mainstream media that you would voluntarily allow yourselves to vote for 4 more years of this. I won’t run down the tally of things you voted for, but as I said, it isn’t very surprising. Back in colonial America, only a third of the population actively supported the rebellion, another third were indifferent – cautious, at least, and the other third were loyal to the British Crown. We’ve been divided ever since. I suppose some of you are disappointed in me, and my ilk, for not supporting President Obama. We are divided still. What really disappoints me is the ever-increasing disregard for the Constitution of the United States. The Founding Documents clearly delineate the separation of powers, the process, the responsibilities. It did not start 4 years ago, but it certainly accelerated over these years … further & further we stray. And some say that reflects sanity. We will probably never again have a group of men with such immense collective wisdom and foresight assembled in one hall ever again. Yet, we time & again – or at least half of us – turn our backs on them; we choose a simpler, less resistant, more dependent path. We choose to think that we are smarter than they were. Turn on the TV and think that over again. I am thankful that I live in a little town, in a little county, in a State that still seems to support my beliefs … but it won’t be long now. I will continue the good fight until my last breath, but this election has me severely disappointed. We could have done better. We chose not to. We voted against Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness [Colorado & Washington’s pot-fests aside]. It is no longer for God & Country. We have become, officially, a country of “Me” – what’s in it for “Me”. Enjoy it while it lasts. With that said, I am glad it is over. Those who really believe in the Founding Principles can lick our wounds, regroup, and hopefully live to fight another day. I fear it is already lost … and that has me disappointed. Happy Trails!

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