My old friend … The Left [once, I was there] …

I have this old friend. His name is The Left. Poor troubled guy. He sees everything in Black & White. To fix this, he got himself some special glasses. Now, all he sees are Rainbows. Yet, in his mind, it’s still all about Black & White. A friend of his, PC, is always giving him advice. PC makes the rules about what is allowed to be said – and in what manner – and what is not. This is good for The Left. It provides him with the moral high ground. If he sticks to what PC tells him, he is always correct. And, if anyone speaks out in an opposing way … well, then they are just Angry White Men and must be silenced. Old, too. There is a problem with this. Not everyone who disagrees with PC is an Old Angry White Man. Those unfortunate individuals are sometimes [often] Women, or Blacks, or any number of other shades of the Rainbow. And that is not the Natural Order of things in this Rainbow land. How does my old friend, The Left, account for this? Demonize! What other explanation could there be? They must be evil Demons. The problem with PC is that it doesn’t allow for another friend of mine … Free Thinker. Weird … because The Left thinks he IS Free Thinker. But, PC always gets in the way. That is a problem and he doesn’t see that.

“We are paralyzed by tolerance …” – Greg Gutfeld

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