Scaring the Left Out of Their Minds!

This is politics NOT as usual!

Remember when we were young back in the late 60s & early 70s? When we “resisted” against Big Brother and all that jazz? Well, Big Brother has gotten MUCH bigger.

Now, most of my “comrades” from those days are still “resisting,” it would appear. Now though they are “resisting” in FAVOR of Big Brother. They seem to crave that big, bloated, over-intrusive government monstrosity that used to make them cringe.

I wish to announce my consistency on the subject. I railed against Big Brother then, rail against it now. Unlike most – it would appear – it has very little to do with a D or an R; everything to do with making government smaller, more efficient, more responsive to the people it is supposed to be.

I am glad that Donald J. Trump is doing those things that he can to fulfil his duties as Commander-in-Chief. I am glad that he his unconventional in how he goes about doing things. That is what politics NOT as usual requires.

Somehow, that is completely lost on the left. Those edgy, out-of-the-box, free-thinking intellectuals are completely dismayed by such audacity. Irony.

For 65 years, the US government has been expanding and over-reaching to proportions never dreamed of by the Founding Fathers. The left loves that … and why not? They control the entire bureaucratic mess.

First, let me say that it takes no courage whatsoever to speak out against our current Prpropaganda-left-behind-vik-battaile-politics-democratesesident. There is nothing brave, nothing that should be admired, about it. Throughout schooling of recent years – and particularly so in many of our public schools; and exceedingly so in most of our Universities – young people begin the process of a type of “soft” indoctrination. So, generations are now hatching out of a cult-like education rather than a readin’,’rightin’ & ‘rithmetic hands on REAL education — filled with history & science & civics & added skills to help one succeed in the real, after school, world. Now, it’s gender studies, white privilege. So, right there, you start out at a “thinking” disadvantage.

Nearly every movie, nearly every TV show that you watch puts your new found world views on the big screen. Your every notion, every perception, is validated.

Turn on the news … people who used to pretend to be unbiased, now just let it rip. Trump is an idiot, a BAD guy, he is equated with Hitler, with the Devil.

Politics — left-wing Politics – are everywhere: at Football games, on the awards shows, on the nightly news, in every editorial page, on the late night “comedy” shows, on ESPN for cryin’ out loud.

No courage at all. Everything you believe is parroted everywhere you look. You are constantly being validated. If a differing opinion is offered, it is often shouted down by screaming, lunatic-like, banshees.

So, where’s the courage?

Now, I see these long lists being shared on social media of all the things you liberals just cannot compromise on with the other side. “Where I Stand .. Period” Wow. Just WOW! What a list it is, too. Filled with warped notions of how the “other side” views things, full of some of their very favorite things; fake news & alternate facts. NO COMPROMISE. Door shut. End of story. And why would you? You live in a world where it appears that everyone agrees with you. So very brave.

Yet, with all those empowering entities on your side, you can still only convince half the Country. There’s a reason the Right is called the Right. Our plan for a nation’s success depends on just one document … The Constitution. It needs no bells & whistles to make it palatable to us. It just is … like Truth.

All it requires is politics NOT as usual. That is where I stand. Period!

My patience has worn thin on this. My respect toward those who think like this is fast diminishing. I am sick of RESISTANCE in the GREATEST NATION EVER FOUNDED.

Where do we go from here? When there is no room for compromise? Prospects are not good for a satisfactory resolution.

I mentioned months ago that this election was about the heart & soul of America. Given all I have enumerated above, the left thought they had won. Gee, even “Homeland’ has a female President elect and a whole new take on terrorism on display. But, alas, Hillary lost. Politics AS usual lost. You, liberals, progressives, anarchists — the Left — have collectively lost your minds. All you know to do is … to RESIST.



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