The Quake

I was sitting in my car in a nice shady spot overlooking Highway 221 (Main Street in Marion, NC), listening to the radio. Suddenly, my car started shaking – for a good 7-10 seconds. My first thought was that a gust of wind was shaking the car — no wind, though. Then, I thought maybe one of my buds saw me parked there and decided to sneak up behind the car and shake it — no bud, though. So, I just dismissed it and continued eating my lunch. The host of the radio show I was tuned to was at a commercial break during this time. When he came back – and he was broadcasting from NYC! – he started talking about how his chair and monitor had been shaking and he thought he was going crazy. I thought, “How weird, we were both shaking at the same time.” Then, he said he was watching the TV monitor and that there were reports of an earthquake south of DC.

And that was my exciting earthquake story of the day.

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