Valley Stream Village Green

This is a photo I “borrowed” from an old classmate Joe Bria … It’s a scene that is indelibly stamped in my brain — as a teen and a little in my early 20s I hung out here many a night, with many a friend. Valley Stream Village Green … right next to the LI Railroad … maybe 2 miles from the New York City line. Idyllic little place to be where it is. As I say, I usually was there at night … doing, uh, doing THINGS. But, every once in a while, I’d be walking by in the daytime, for one reason or another, and I’d stop at a store, pick up a six-pack and some yogurt … yes, yogurt & beer … and head on over to the Green, pick a tree to sit under, and just sit … eating my yogurt, drinking my beer. Those were the days!