Thanking Leftist America


In my world, nearly everything that is good has been made bad. Most everything I have loved has been infiltrated by swarms of leftist bureaucrats and/or propaganda. Marginalized, ostracized, or outright eliminated … not by due process, but rather with insular attacks by the Leftist hordes

Leftists claim that America is systemically racist. Yet, they stoke its fires every chance they get. They say we are divided and must come together – under their net, of course – yet, their rhetoric is outrageously divisive. They say they want “national conversations,” yet, they shout down all opposing voices.

These “sunshine revolutionaries,” with a straight face, claim that the Right are Nazis, as is “Amerika” herself. Such brave and daring “revolutionaries” they are. With the weight of nearly every institution in the land – particularly in communications, education, and technology [not to mention government bureaucracies] – in their back pocket, they have the audacity to complain. Violently complain.

They make villains into heroes, while heroes become villains. Men become women; women men. Up down; down up. Though they ardently claim that they are advocates of free speech, they vigorously deface and destroy anything and anyone who opposes their Marxist views.

Be like me, or don’t be. They have become what they used to despise … Big Brother.

They are incapable of seeing the irony they are living within their insulated bubble, huge as it may be.

In these times, they have seized the moment. They have successfully ruined pretty much everything that I, and maybe you, enjoy – sports, movies, music, history … life itself. All the while they revel in their glory & self-righteousness. Proud of their feats.

For too long, I have failed to thank them for their ongoing destruction of the land I love.

So, let me take a moment to do so now. Thank you, Leftists, thank you. Thank you for NOTHING! I couldn’t have destroyed it without you.


  1. Preach! I had a comment to one of my covid memes today that more or less said that those are used as weapons because of the politicization of the virus. Trivial I know, but still. I’m with you!

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  2. Your eloquent and insightful writing brings to mind the actions of those who, in their mind, so righteously crucified Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The left are similar in their actions. They think by the actions of their destruction of statues of early America’s historical men, who in their time were considered honorable, Christian Churches, old movies and cartoons, government and neighborhood buildings, and even living people who have been killed to burn as a sacrifice in the crucible of Leftism. How little they understand Americans who cherish the hard fought freedoms and rights obtained through the years. I suppose we should just bow down to their new age thinking, but will we?
    Knowing you as I feel I do, I don’t think you believe this is finished. 😉

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