The Beauty that is History

You know, we are SUPPOSED to be one Nation. That’s part of our “mystic,” if you will. “E Pluribus Unum” – Out of many, one. One Nation. All our stories – that is our history – belongs to all of us, as one. Some of it is pretty, lovely, in fact; other parts can get pretty ugly. Taken as a whole, it is one heck of a story. One EVERY American should be proud to have partaken in. Destroying our history, either by crude symbolism as in tearing down & defacing it, or via the creation of alternate realities whereby history is rewritten based on today’s values, is an injustice to every American – past, present and future. Tearing it down is like tearing chapters out of a library book. The next person to read it only gets a part of the story. We should be adding new history to the story, not removing the parts one group or another doesn’t like. Create statues of other heroes, that tell other parts of the story. One Nation; One long, complete, wonderful story. Yeah, there are some parts that have villains and might be difficult to get through, but it will be the TRUE story, the WHOLE story.

Every person who calls themselves an American deserves no less.

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  1. Sometimes we just need a reminder as to who, as Americans, we are in the grand scheme of things. A country such as ours will not become a disunion. We are in a rough patch but it’s not going to be allowed to separate the ideal of America.
    Thank you for the reminder.

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