The State of Me In This Topsy-Turvy World

Arrayed on the floor before me in my childhood playroom was a collection of toy soldiers, hand painted little Hanna-Barbera figurines – Top Cat, Flintstones, Yogi Bear – rubber dinosaurs, cowboys & Indians, and who knows what else. I would imagine the figurines would be specific kids in the neighborhood, then I’d create imaginary apocalyptic, end-of-times-type scenarios and play them out. Sort of “The Walking Dead” before “The Walking Dead.” Many a Saturday morning was spent this way.

Today, in the rare moments that I dare to venture out of my cave, I see mostly deserted streets, closed up shops, and people wearing masks oddly placed 6 feet from one another. Sort of like the beginning of a “The Walking Dead”-type world.

Worse than a COVID-19 pandemic, though, is the burning, looting and outright pillaging of some of our major cities by left-wing “peaceful protesters.”

I am utterly sick and tired of hearing about cancel culture, whiteness, Twitter “mobs,” woke-ness, white “privilege,” BLM, “systemic” racism, Antifa, gender, social justice warriors, shaming, microaggressions, reparations, and all of the other new-found things that liberals [leftists, really] invent to get hysterical about. Gobbledygook.

Ok … this is not going to work. I felt like writing but didn’t know what I wanted to write about so I figured I’d just dive in and see where it goes. Plus, I started with the TV on in the background. Some woman was saying that she is undecided about who to vote for – she is black – and said she was thinking of Trump, but then she hears him and he’s so full of racism. Huh? It didn’t compute. Then she said we’re at the point where it is is no longer overt racism but rather a subtle racism under the surface. [Thus, the paragraph above!]

What she was saying, or what I understood her to be saying, is more or less the difference between “systemic racism” and just, plain “racism.” There is no such thing as systemic racism in our society. It has been eradicated. Back in the Founding Fathers day, they argued passionately about just that. Times being different they put it off so that they could unite against the Brits — but they set a high bar with an eye toward the future to get it right. They actually – as did their successors – argued about it for near three-quarters of a century. Then, they fought a very bloody war that, midway through, laser-focused on slavery. 655,000 Americans, north & south, were killed. It still didn’t completely fix the issue of systemic racism, but it did catch the attention of those who were yet to come. Many changes came to pass, and I truly believe that any person in America can achieve what they desire if they are willing to put in the time & effort. Yes, some have a more difficult path to follow, but it is far more an economic barrier than a racial one. I see no systemic racism in this country. There are no, contrary to the left’s depressing delusion, cops hunting down our black folks. That is quite absurd.

Anyway, to get back to what that woman was saying … subtle racism would be, to me, a racist person who – and what that constitutes is clearly in the eye of the beholder – is somewhat embarrassed to say publicly what he/she thinks. That is what passes for racism today – and Donald J. Trump does not fill that bill – individuals who are racist. We will never eliminate all racism. We can, and have, eliminate systemic racism because the Founders pushed us in that direction and we answered the call. We cannot, however, at least not yet, outlaw what a individual person thinks. Like anything else that is shoved down your throat, it usually leads to compounding the problem by causing resentments. Gently is the way.

As with all things “leftist,” it is all in-your-face. That’s who they are. Shouters, temper-tantrum prone, all or nothing activists. They do not love America. Oh, maybe the land she sits on, but not the ideals of America.

Seeing Black Lives Matter – with their anti-nuclear family, pro non-sis gendered partnerships [I think I got that correct – man, I loved being that kid on Saturday mornings!], Marxist ideals – showing up in the mainstream of the National Football League is more than this old fella can take. I always looked at sports as the ultimate instrument of promoting racial harmony. Blacks & whites hug and high five as they work their way to a common goal. Blacks have dominated most sports and many have found their fortune because of that. Fans don’t care what color a man is as he enters the end-zone. We cheer for the team. Why go out of your way to alienate the very people who pay the salaries through our support of the sport? Politics is not something one ought to bring to their job. I never had a job where that was ok. All you do is tick off people and they’ll take their business elsewhere. Sports has the capacity to be the most harmonious sector of our society. But, no … Leftists in this country thrive by promoting racial divisiveness, and then call Conservatives racist. Keep us split – victims & non-victims. Sad, but they’re making Charles Manson proud. Helter-Skelter!

Several years ago, I wrote a bunch of stuff on Facebook that I compiled here: Today, much of what I said has already come to pass … and they’re not done yet. Now, we even have books on the subject … many. My favorite is Erasing America by James Robbins.

It’s all topsy-turvy and it is making me in its image. My hair is falling out, my teeth are breaking while I eat … I am a mere shell of my former Adonis-like self [just kidding, folks]. But truly, all this mess is taking a very real physical and emotional toll on me. I never thought I would see an America like we have today, and I lived through the 60s – 1960s. Now, I’m living through the 60s again. The 60s as in age. 68 now. Not sure if I’ll make it to the 70s. I have no desire to witness the beginning of the end of the Republic. In the leftist-dominated media of the day, there appears to be no place for the traditional American.

So that’s it. Based on what I just wrote, I guess I’m as topsy-turvy as the world. I feel like a walking dead. Anyway, I felt like writing. And so it goes ….

Liberalism is a disease.

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