To be a Democrat in today’s world you need to believe in certain things. Among them Life, Liberty & the … oh, wait, that’s from the Declaration of Independence. Sorry, wrong list. In an age where democrat-aligned protestors can can roam the streets of our cities burning, looting & pillaging practically unabatedly for months, and yet one act of violence allegedly by Trump supporters, albeit at the Capitol building, results in more troops being deployed in Washington D.C. than ever in our history, even during the Civil War, the list looks more like this:.

That a woman can have a penis; men, a vagina

That Religion is bad, but abortions are fine

That the people who drive this country financially by creating jobs that we all have benefitted from need to be punished by paying exorbitant taxes

That socialism is a more viable system than capitalism

That every person who has ever lived needs to be judged by today’s standards, and today’s standards ONLY

That it is ok to defund or dismantle our police forces

That anarchy in the streets is somehow a benefit to society

That words like mother, father, sister, brother are offensive to some so we can no longer use them

That diversity is the end all and should be legislated, except, of course, in any area where minorities dominate … like basketball, for example

That the constitution is a useless, out-of-touch document

That our founding as a nation was somehow evil incarnate and virtually no other nation has a worse beginning & history

That anyone who disagrees with you is either a racist or a fascist – or, probably, both … and more

That victims – or rather people who perceive they are victims – should be elevated to idol-like status

That the Founding Fathers were racist. Period. Thus, invalid

That guns kill people all by their lonesome

That it is ok to steal if you are poor, or destroy if you are offended

That “Me” is all that matters

That shouting down opposing views is “free speech”

That news outlets – which today include social media and many other platforms – are ok with reporting only their opinions of the news – and censoring the rest – is “a free press”

That any two [and maybe more] adults can be a “marriage”

That live & let live is your motto – except for people like “me” [other political viewpoints i.e. conservative]

That nothing is sacred

That “being social” is socialism

That the English language has only one word …. It begins with an f and ends with a k

That there is no God

That there are no morals

That more than 2 genders exist

That we need no borders

That humanity can control the climate

The list goes on. I could continue on endlessly, but I can’t keep up …. “Amen,” for example! 😢 It’s not that I think EVERY democrat believes ALL of these things. Surely, they do not. The party however pushes these types of things in their never-ending, always-changing, narrative. When a person votes “democrat,” he more or less is voting for these concepts, whether or not he believes in them. Your vote, in essence, therefore becomes an endorsement.

Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction ~~ Isaac Newtown

Thus, America was granted Donald J. Trump as President of these United States. He was the reaction. Now we have returned to what democrats would feel is normal. Joe Biden has been elected President. A democrat, through & through. The World is back on its axis.

Along with their allies — the entertainment industry, big tech, the main-stream media & academia – the democrat party can easily push their agenda-of-the-day on the American people. It seems as they already have and, supposedly, 81, 000, 0000 Americans did just that – voted for Sleepy Joe. A guy who barely exited his bunker during the campaign somehow garnered more votes than anyone in our storied history. Ain’t that some shit?!?

Bearing no resemblance to our Founding principles, the democrats – with control of the White House, Senate & House of Representatives – can now unabashedly push their outrageous agenda at will. So, as we enter this reborn era – after its 4-year hiatus – we are back to “normal.” The Swamp. Without a doubt, this past election was more about Swamp vs No-Swamp than democrat vs republican. This Inauguration will be the first step in this chapter of “The Fall of the Republic.” That’s what happens when your vote is based largely on hate rather than ideology.

Will we be able to recognize America in 4 years time? I don’t know. I guess it depends on whether their plan to “deprogram” Trump voters is successful, or not. Strange way to create “unity.”

It’s going to be a most entertaining – but depressing – show. God Bless America. And let the shit-show begin!


  1. For some reason I’m only able to give four stars when I try to give five. See, things are already breaking and the junta hasn’t yet officially been installed.
    I guess we must now continue forward with this faux play. Not only have I returned to my seat, to prevent myself from falling from my seat, I’ve buckled my seatbelt. Please don’t mistake this for me sitting down and shutting up. Shall we proceed?
    Begin act II.

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  2. It’s always good to hear from you too, Richard. Your writing is always appreciated. Perhaps that’s because we are of like minds.
    As my old physician always says, “Keep writing. The answers will come.”

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