We Wish You a Merry Christmas … or, not?

The argument has been ongoing forever. Well, maybe not that long. Many moons ago, when I was younger, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas were virtually one & the same – interchangeable – whether it be on a Hallmark Card or a classic Christmas Carole or in personal exchanges. Not many ever gave it a thought. I know that I sure never did.

Tchristmas_pie_charthen, came the age of political correctness – a time I hope that will end soon and be nothing more than a bad memory – that is, a time where rather than express our pure and spontaneous feelings, we first ran our thoughts through a “who might this offend” filter. In and of itself, not a totally bad thing, but, as with so many other fads, fashions & agendas created by the progressive, liberal left, it got carried away to the extreme and had more bad consequences than the original good intentions warranted.

After all, this whole silly movement was started by progressives who, by their very nature, absolutely cannot leave well enough alone. Ironically, in 2016, it is these very liberals who are now complaining about folks causing them to have to THINK about what to say. Well, how very appropriate. Isn’t that what they did in the first place? Back in the day, one did not have to think about it, they simply said it and went about their business, never realizing the extent of outraged & ostracized people they were leaving in their wake. “Merry Christmas … oh wait … might this person not CELEBRATE Christmas? O my gosh! What should I say?” So, in the beginning, it was Christians, by & large, who had to stop and think, because liberals made them feel self-conscious and over-bearing in their own beliefs.

Maybe 15 years ago – could be longer – 20? – I remember that the Post Office was bandying around the absurd idea of discontinuing religious-oriented Christmas stamps. It was a serious push. Only public outcry halted it in its tracks, but forevermore, the seed was planted in the minds of many. “Merry Christmas … oh, can I still say that?” Can’t put a number on how many times I heard that over the years as a window clerk at the local PO.

Now, Facebook is littered with posts by mostly left-leaning users [some of whom are Christians] lamenting the fact they there is even a discussion. They claim that their conservative-leaning friends are forcing them to think about how they say things, that they just say Happy Holidays because it’s a catch-all to cover ALL the holidays they claim fall during this period – upwards of 2 dozen, I have seen quoted – so that no one is offended. Well, ain’t that some s–t! If there is any truth at all in this pretty outrageous claim, it is that it’s a REACTION to their initial ACTION. It’s called, “Why Trump Won the Election.” Lesson not learned.

There is so much wrong with this “claim” that I cannot enumerate all the reasons, but the most glaring is this: There is NOTHING inherently wrong with saying Happy Holidays, if that’s the way you feel. What is wrong, is drawing attention to it every year, every time it’s said, as if it is the enlightened way to go that other idiots simply can’t comprehend. Just say it, or not. Move on. In a [still] largely Christian nation, Merry Christmas is perfectly acceptable. That’s what naturally flows from my mouth, without thinking about it. Always has. Always will.

The left’s push to make ME think about it has come full circle. If you, as a liberal, find yourself with that dilemma, just look in the mirror. As with every other one of your causes, rather than letting it flow of its own accord, you attempt to shove it down the throats of all. And then, as always, complain about it being puked up all over your wonderful ideals.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!




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