What is going on?

“It’s Open Season on Black Men” … It is with heavy heart that I hear that bandied about as some sort of common truth. I am sickened by watching Hillary Clinton – making the same nuanced faces; the same measured pauses; trying to appear very much the intellectual that she must think Obama is, as she begins her phase of “grappling with hard truths” before she runs for President. It’s time to re-energize the Democrat Party by stirring up the pot on race. Demonstrations, signs, riots and rhetoric … all funneled through into the Democrat Platform. Divide. Dumb Down. Dependence. Where is all the outcry about all the other issues that are truly tearing this country down, ripping it apart at the seams. Race? I think that’s an area we can find improvement in easily, especially if we put being an American before being white or black. Carry a TEA Party sign about high taxes and, whoa, wait … we can’t have THAT. Ask the government to be straight with us? We get, “You didn’t build that, “you can keep your doctor,” “the protests were started by a video”, “I have no constitutional power to do that [but I’m going to do it anyway]” … on & on & on. All the while, becoming ever more dependent on the government for nearly everything. The government … Big Brother … remember the reviled Big Brother? It would seem that today we rather enjoy the old guy. So, a white cop kills a black man – no doubt, a tragedy – but that is the story of the day, week, month, how long? And we hear just how godawful this Country of ours is because well, “Black Lives Mean Something, too!” Well damn! Who woulda thought that. But, what about a friggin’ 18 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. Screw that. Nothing sexy in that. I am very much mindful that the chances are very slim of us continuing to hold off the swarm of powerful forces, media, education, show biz, race hustlers, and more, who are hellbent on remaking this country in their image by avoiding their beloved “honest conversations” [just see Harry Reid] and replacing them with sound-bite quarter-truths and having them repeated in every newsroom, every classroom, every movie or television show until we are all so numb that the few of us who do pay attention and have a sense for what is going on just give up the fight and the rest are willfully brainwashed for the numb comfort of it all. Ben Carson, WE NEED YOU! You can show us what it means to be an American.

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