An Angry, Old, White Man’s Take on Interpersonal Relationships

The Angry, Old, White Man in Question

[Warning: Card Carrying TEA Party Supporter!!!]:

Gender: We are so very different [thankfully], but I consider us complementary equals. As with all people, I base my interactions with you on how you behave before me [unless, of course, sparks fly, and then … well … it’s different then ;-)]

Nationality: I love diversity of cultures. If you are an American, by all means bring yours with you. My Italian ancestors sure did. But once you become that very special American citizen embrace America! And, follow the process!

Race: I honestly don’t see color – or at least not as much as I see gender – If you are a solid individual and don’t wish me harm, I love you. I don’t care what race you are. I am proud of my “white” heritage – and feel no guilt – but, I accept you as you are. Again, it all comes down to how you behave. Behavior is key to all.

Religion: Partial to Roman Catholicism. I do believe that is the first and purest version of Christianity. I have had many Jewish friends in my life, especially when I was young. I’ve never met a Hindu that I didn’t like. Believe what you will, as long as you are genuine. Now, I do have a problem with Islam. Most Muslims – especially my daughter-in-law – are probably fine people, and again, if you treat me with respect, I will do likewise [and vice-versa, I would hope]. I “judge” on a one-by-one basis – in all these categories rather than en masse – at least I try to. But if you strap a suicide vest on or fly a plane into a building in my Country, we have a serious problem. It seems to me, that of all Religions, Islam has the highest percentage of violent fanatics. That is disturbing to me. As is the apparent silence by the majority to come out and decry that behavior in their fellow Muslims.

Sexual Preference: We have gone way overboard on this one. We get giddy if someone “announces” they are gay. I believe that marriage is only valid if between one man & one woman. Honestly, though, I do not see anything in our Constitution that would make that illegal. [gay marriage] I have had many homosexual friends in my life – men & women – keep it private. As with most all sexual behavior — it was meant to be private. The in-your-face stuff is over the top. The multi-gender stuff is beyond my comprehension. I am 100% with the teachings of my faith and the Pope on this one.

Did I sound angry enough to qualify as a TEA Partier? You can’t help who you are put on Earth as, you can only try to make yourself better. [Not saying that I have … in fact, I have my doubts.] Be yourself, but be respectful to others – and stop with the phony outrage over every small thing. Discrimination is a two-way street. So much of our energy is put into these issues, and most of it is counter-productive. We’ll all be OK if we just relax a little. Keep our sense of humor about it all — including our differences. Most stereotypes are rooted in some truth. I have a Jewish brother-in-law, a black son-in-law, a Muslim daughter-in-law, a gay nephew — my friends have covered the spectrum over the years. I don’t know why I am writing this, but I did, so there!

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