Another True Confession: My brother, Ronnie, and I, used to love board games when we were kids. Stuff like Monopoly, Risk, Battleship, Clue … tons of others. We bordered [no pun intended] on obsessive. Every week, we’d take whatever money we had and go down to the Green Acres Shopping Mall in Valley Stream and buy more games. We had a crawl-in closet full of them. Finally, our parents said, No more,” and forbid us from bringing any more games into the house. What?!? But, we had so many more we just wanted – NEEDED – to get. We HAD to get them. So, we’d still go down to the store, buy the games … but, we couldn’t just walk in the front door with them, so … Ronnie would take the games around the house and stand below our second-floor bedroom window [actually, it was a playroom at that time, I think]. I would casually stroll in the house and go upstairs. Then, I’d lower a rope out through the window, Ronnie would tie the rope around the boxes, and I’d haul ’em up! See, we were problem solvers!! On another note: One day, I don’t know if it was before or after this time, for some reason we decided to lower Ronnie out that very window with that rope. Made a loop, put it around bro’, tied the other end to a piece of furniture, opened the window, and I proceeded to lower him out – TRY to lower him out would be more accurate. As soon as his weight was off the sill, the rope slid through my hands and Ronaldo was sent on a two floor flight through the air. It was awful. Not for him – he landed on his feet and was relatively unscathed. Me? Blisters all over my hands from rope burns. OUCH! Let me tell you — Those were the days, my friend!