The Serpent

It was 1979, I think. We, the band I played in, were in a little bar named Zoli’s – in Hempstead, near Hofstra U. There was a girl in the front of the crowd near the stage area carrying a burlap bag. Didn’t really notice that until a bit later. Soon, I noticed that she had apparently removed a large snake – some kind of constrictor – out of that bag and it was now adorning her shoulders. She got up on the stage, which was nothing more than a one foot platform, and stood right in front of me. I was playing my guitar and singing. Had a mic stand with a goose neck attached. The snake – again, a large, and heavy snake – began to crawl from her shoulders and wrap around the goose neck and then me. It was heavy enough to cause the mic stand to begin to tip, forcing me to have to place my feet on the stand, awkwardly, to prevent it from toppling. Now, my face was mere inches from hers. The snake curled around me and back toward its owner. Here’s hoping you can visualize all of this … because, next, she began sucking on the snake’s head. What a sight. What a night. But, the band played on! Those were the days! 🙂 EDIT: I think the bar was actually The Brass Penny Pub.

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