Pop Goes the … Thermometer!

Confession: “Oh, Mom … I don’t feel well today. I need to stay home from school.” Mom: touching my forehead, “You don’t feel like you are running a fever. Let me get the thermometer.” “Ooooh … I’m so sick … ooooohhh.” When dear old Mom would come back with the thermometer [oral, I might add], I would dutifully place it under my tongue. When see wasn’t looking, I would put it up against the light bulb in the lamp next to my bed for a few seconds. Mom: looking at the results, “Oh dear, you don’t feel that warm. It’s 102. degrees. You have a fever. Here’s some aspirin. Stay home today.” “Whooooooooooppie!,” was my thought! Worked a couple of times, until one day I left it too long on the bulb and it popped! Ruse over!

One comment

  1. I used to do the “penny under the tongue” trick which was supposed to raise the temperature. I also would shake the thermometer up; but that ended when I accidentally smashed it against the kitchen counter while shaking it sending broken glass and mercury all over the kitchen floor. Did you every try picking up mercury!?!?


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