9/11 – What it was/is to me …

301565_10150367572995930_1758730447_nI was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday while I was out for lunch … The insightful, witty, and brilliant Mark Steyn was the guest host. He made some great points during the 45 minutes I was tuned in. One was – and I summarize – [and add my own thoughts]:

You can look at this 10th anniversary remembrance of the events of 9/11 as if it were a tragedy — in the sense of some natural disaster. We could all, as much of the media and a segment of the populace do, get all warm and fuzzy and huggy. We could bring brotherhood and “we are all one” rhetoric into it. Play on that theme — all religions and races were victims. Peace, baby.

Or, you can look at it as what it was. An attack on America. A declaration of war. First responders rushing into flaming skyscrapers as everyone else ran out – Todd Beamer – Let’s roll – an ad-hoc militia formed in the sky to do battle. And then, the reactions of a man, who should have been a beloved President of the people instead of despised, who took control, responded, consoled, and held us all together. It is about a war and how the American people would respond to it. That is how the vast majority of us viewed it that day.

Please let’s not have revisionist history take hold a mere 10 years later. [EDIT: … make that 13 now]


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