It Did Not Start Here!

American Imperial Expansion … the bane of every hard-line progressive. It would behoove those so inclined to those beliefs to realize that is the story of the world as we – humans – grew from family units to clans to tribes to Nations. Nations have Borders. The mythical land of the noble Red Man [or, Skin, if I prefer to be politically incorrect] were warring with one another; sometimes, they were nice to us, sometimes not so nice; same for us toward them. They were a tribal people with no sense of a great continent wide Nation. WE were coming from Nations to build a new one. The tribes, many nomadic, never really made a coordinated alliance to run off the invader. Instead, they warred with us, they warred with each other, and they politically did the same. It was tribes against Nations. Nations will win. So, that’s how it was here. But it didn’t begin here, for that is the story of humankind told in countless different ways all across the globe. Africa, is a good place to look. The Zulu King, Shaka, a good example that colonial conquest does not come in aRorkesDrift2032 (2015_03_29 07_24_21 UTC) (2015_05_03 19_44_34 UTC) (2015_07_26 15_19_56 UTC)ny one color. The story, gruesome as it is, is a fascinating one. You may read about it, as there is much written. But, I would highly recommend a video, “Shaka Zulu”. It was originally a 10 part mini-series on TV, so it is long. But it will help you get a sense of another culture in a very entertaining way. The tale is one story told in two parallel versions – that of the Scottish [?] scientist Dr. Henry Flynn, from his journal, and the mystical story as told by Shaka’s mother, Nandi, [I believe, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this movie] through the Zulu mythology of the High Priestess of the tribe. You will see the brutality, the slavery, the impaling, the utter disregard for life – and Americans had nothing to do with it at all. See it; absorb it; read more about it; there are stories of wars and killings and unholiness all through time. It all did not start with Columbus. If you can accept that, you might be able to see your Country in a much better, compassionate light.

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