“Lost” in the Ozone!

“Lost”. My am I! What a great, albeit defunct, show. Six seasons of fantastically creative and intelligent, complexly woven tales of people, places, time and place … and it all boils down to white verses black; right vs. wrong; good vs. evil. There is a strong element of religion embedded. Faith vs. Science. Incredible blend of action, drama, romance, comedy, science fiction. It is hard to imagine a television show that could be so all-encompassing at such a high quality. Large and diverse cast, superb writing – and, if you are patient – it mostly all comes together – wonderful score, scenery is luxurious, well-shot, detailed character development and dialogue, great use of hooks and suspense … surprises everywhere. As complex a story as this is – and it IS a story – the continuity involving interpersonal relationships and timelines is remarkably solid. Best of all, it makes you think. It is hard for your mind to wander while watching this show.

So, while I am viewing – in the middle of the final season as I write this – I try to figure out where I fit in within all of this splendor, conflict, interpersonal relationships, and danger. Where is this place? Is it Hell as a few of the characters more than suggest? Is it another dimension? Easy to feel that way, what with all the flash backwards, forwards, and even sideways. Or is it simply a lost island somewhere as it first appears to the uninitiated eye? I don’t know – Purgatory, maybe. And so, who am I most like? Surely, everyone can identify with someone in this elaborate story. For me, mostly, it is Jack Shepherd — highly skilled spinal surgeon who does what he does better than most. On the Island, he becomes a leader … but, a series of costly, poor decisions, which he invariably makes, contributes to splintering of the castaways and causes him to doubt even himself. He begins to allow himself to blow in the breeze rather than to lead. This could change. As I said, several episodes to go before “The End”. But, it is how I see myself.

Much more – so much to relate to as this winding tale zigs here and zags there all the while hinting at a dramatic conclusion. Faith issues, parent/child issues, relationship issues, morality issues. The show makes you reconsider your own choices. It makes you reevaluate moments of your own life that are reenacted in various ways over 6 seasons of what television was made to be.


Originally posted elsewhere on May 15, 2011

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