The Real Bridge to Nowhere


Progressives … always … moving on … moving forward … down the wrong road.

Whether you want to call them Progressives, Liberals, or [today’s] Democrats, it seems that I see things through a very different lens than most of them do. To me, the Constitution and other Founding documents, along with the events and men that sculpted them, are very vibrant, full of real-life color, relevant as the day they were written, inspirational, and formative. They are not, as so many would believe today, dusty & musty, greyed & crumbling old, worthless pieces of paper. Oh, not too many would admit to that, I would guess, but just look at the legislation being nudged forward and passed these days.

The average Republican Senator and Representative plays a game of skirmish-style volley fire and then fall back to a new position. They, for the most part – speaking mostly of Federal office holders – do not pro-actively advance the principals and agendas that were set forth back in our Founding. The Progressives enthusiastically push their ideas and agendas on an American public that is, to a great extent, unaware and ignorant to what is going on around them. The rest of us either agree or disagree with these ever-increasingly liberal programs and legislations.

Problem is, the liberal side controls much of the education system – fostering their ideals in the minds of our young people – they control most of the media – filtering what news & opinion reaches most of the public – and they have most of Hollywood [who, it seems, we are so star-struck with that we trust them implicitly] endorsing everything they put forth. It’s a tough combination to beat. Their most effective weapon is the “sound bite” … and they have the carriers to deliver these very effectively. The cumulative effect, basically of the PC avalanche, is stifling of the conversation and belittling of the Conservative – practically every TV show, Hollywood movie, even commercials, pound this message into our psyche 24/7.

The Conservative side holds a great edge in the arena of ideas. They are backed by the writings of the most brilliant and far-seeing group of men who ever gathered on this continent. Yet, we flounder. Republicans seem to steer away from serious conservative talk, seemingly afraid of offending what is generally considered a right of center populace. Makes no sense until you realize that the leftist control of our young and our airwaves creates an aura of invincibility; of righteousness.

For all the talk and posturing, they are not connecting – or convincing, at least – with the folks, as Bill O’Reilly likes to refer to us. As a group, the Right falls back – on the Federal level – just about every time. Each fall back takes us further & further away from the core foundation that was built for us back in 1776. The Progressives are gleeful. This is how they designed it. We are on the path to the destruction of the United States of America.

Soon, there will be no turning back. Rather than lead, the bulk of our Right-of-center politicians choose to set up delaying road blocks on that wrong road, slowly retreating, and leaving the ground to the opposition. In matters of war, a sure sign of a lost battle.

All the while, God is nudged out of the picture. A God-less America will not be America at all. A Country founded on inalienable rights granted by God is being overrun by people who want no part of that where they live. Our Founding Documents are clear that God IS to play a part in this Nation. They are clear on government’s limited role. They outline, indisputably, the rights that government may never take away from its populace. We the People are allowing ourselves to be written out of the story.

Sadly, not many seem to really care. We won’t realize it’s the wrong road until we are falling off the cliff and America is a faint memory.

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