L-O-L-L-Y-P-O-P Therapy!

Not kidding! It’s come to this!

After months & months of every procedure, every test, every [it seems] surgery, every medicine – words with Latin origins – long words, most of which I can no longer remember – consultations, recommendations, research, crying, praying, pleading, considering a transfer, almost dying … after all those things, and more, it has come down to this. It really has.


In order to make her “oral experience” – mostly all extremely negative to date, between tubes & probes & probably mostly her reflux – more positive … the object being to encourage more drinking of the bottle to avoid this darn surgery … she’s now being given suckers! You should have seen her eyes at first taste! {without the coffee} …

Anyway, believe it or not, it’s working! The not-so-little-any-longer lass is now up to a whopping – for her – 6lb. 4oz.!!!


Well, I’ll be!

As always, a very fluid situation, subject, and likely, to change, but here’s the probable prognosis for the immediate future:

She probably won’t have the surgery involving the placing of stomach tissue around the valve to the esophagus to control the reflux; probably will get a G-tube – enabling us to ensure she always gets full feedings once home, among other reasons. An Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist examined her, and after some deliberation over a few days, has decided to go down there, exploratorily [word???], and possibly remove a polyp or two, if necessary. Doing so will also improve her oral associations as well as allowing her to “speak” a bit more easily. This is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

Definites – as mentioned in the above thread somewhere – her brain scan came back 100% perfect. Plus, she just had an extensive workup on her bone development – a source of concern with undernourished babies – and she aced it!

No word yet on homecoming, but it appears to be approaching.


Hmmmm …. pass me one of those!

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