You can lead the boy to the food; but, can you make him eat?!?

the_international_house_of_pancakes-18873 (2015_03_29 07_24_21 UTC) (2015_05_03 19_44_34 UTC) (2015_07_26 15_19_56 UTC) First of all, let me fill you in on a shocker. I was a marijuana user back in the 70s. I gave it up in 1977 – and was pretty much a good boy, in that regard, ever since.. Ok … got that out of the way. Now for a brief tale — One of my best buds at the time, Butch, & I found ourselves in Berkeley, California. The name of the hotel we booked escapes me now, but it was in the middle of downtown. We got stoned out of our minds one afternoon, got the munchies, and decided to walk to the IHOP about a mile or 2 away. We walked all the way there, but were refused entry because, well, because we were barefoot. So, we walked the mile or 2 all the way back to the hotel and put on some footwear. Then, we walked the mile or 2 all the way back to IHOP where we promptly pigged out on pancakes. We had worked up quite an appetite. Still hungry. Went to a nearby Chinese Restaurant and ordered dinner. Practically licked the plates bare. Still hungry. So, we moseyed on down the street and discovered a little burger joint-type place. Ate there. Full meal. That’s – if you are counting – THREE full meals in about an hour or two. Moral: always wear your shoes.

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