Words of “Wisdom” … by an old, not so-wise, man … a meandering within the Meanderings

Roughly 6 or 7 months ago I deleted my Facebook account [opened a new one about a month later]. Before doing so, I saved the whole thing to a .zip file. My imaginary news “buddy,” Greg Gutfeld, gave me an idea. He released a book based on all his monologues on the show, “The Five.” I was just skimming through the .zip file of my old Facebook account and found that some of my posts were – in my unbiased view ๐Ÿ˜‰ – gems. Whether that is true or not I leave up to you, but this post will be a meandering within the Meanderings – a collection of some of my favorite rants from my old Facebook account. Hope you enjoy them. So, without further ado …

PS – I don’t really believe they are “gems” and this post has gotten much longer than I originally planned. Just my usual long-winded self!

J. Edgar Hoover. Remember him? He has a building named after him. Not coincidentally, it’s the FBI HQs Building. Remember back when I was a leftist loon? We all hated him; the epitome & personification of Big Brother we thought. Nowadays, the leftist loons seem to be having a torrid love affair with the Bureau. Nothing they do can be wrong. I respect those ladies & gents who are FBI agents. But they do, sometimes, make horrendous mistakes. Ruby Ridge ring a bell? Maybe, Waco? A lot of innocents were slaughtered by the FBI & their buds, the ATF, at those 2 incidents alone. I was watching a video of the Waco Congressional Hearing back in 1995, I think — under Slick Willie’s Administration. It was hilarious to hear Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, John Conyers [now recently retired] and other now over-the-hill Dems lauding the efforts of the FBI with the same lame talking points they use today when talking about Comey & McCabe and all the rest of the present-day fun gang. Yes, they do make mistakes. ~~ March 18, 2018

I spent the past couple of hours watching and listening and reflecting on the words and ideas of our President as he spoke to that most remarkable of assemblages of a government envisioned so many years ago by our Founding Fathers. I liken it to awakening from a nightmarish dream only to find everything was as it should be … as it was. Wus that I am, I was brought to tears of joy – and sometimes sadness – by sentiments I never thought I would hear expressed by our Commander-in-Chief again. Yet, there was my – our – President, again & again, reapplying the legacy of our Founders to today’s times. I have a difficult time imagining how any rational person could disagree, how any American could not feel pride and optimism by this President’s words. I feel refreshed & recharged. Thank you President Trump for making me feel proud to be an American – and an old, white male one at that – again! PS – I did have to chuckle a few times when the cameras panned to some of those sad pusses that sat on the Democrat side of the hall. I hope that enough of them can get that ominous “D” out of their mind long enough to realize he was speaking to, and for, us all. God Bless you President Trump. God Bless America! ~~ January 30, 2018

Liberalism reminds me of the old movie, “The Blob.” It starts out as a contained little innocuous … well, blob … and it continually morphs & grows to overwhelming proportions, oozing its blobby self into every nook & cranny until the rest of us have to run in horror for our lives. Or, be devoured. ~~ January 10, 2018

It has occurred to me that due to my brief hiatus from Facebook, I failed to let you know how I enjoyed the last Season of Deadwood … Terrific! No doubt it is on my short list of favorite television as an adult … Right up there with 24, Sons of Anarchy, Lost, The Walking Dead, Justified and, perhaps, Dexter. [Outlander, I thought, had a shot, but I was very disappointed in Season 3]. Anyway, I may have left out something. Who knows? Incredible cast, set, costumes, music … all top-notch. Every episode was self-satisfying. I enjoyed every one as a singular story as well as in totality. The writing and dialogue is out-of-this-world great. My only gripe, of any consequence, is the last episode of the Season and the Series. It was quite apparent that there was short notice on the cancellation of the Series. They seemed to have tried to tie it up, but it was perhaps the weakest of endings. Left me wanting – NEEDING – more. Thankfully, that was taken care of in a feature on the Bonus Disk …. When the creator of the show, David Milch [NYPD Blue], is in the same boat as I am, there is comfort. There is this 30 or 40-minute soliloquy where Milch is wandering around the set of Deadwood stripped of all props and adornments … just a barren ghost town. It is clear that he was perturbed by the manner in which HBO handled the show’s end. Clear that he LOVED this show At the very end, one of the characters, Wu, appears looking out over the town from Chinamen’s Alley. He is stoically watching Milch as he walks off into the proverbial sunset. In the end, the show is best viewed as the story of a town. It is much more palatable and the “ending” much more easily understood if you look at it as 2 or 3 years in the life of a Town … one that is still in existence to this day. Just great stuff! ~~ December 26, 2017

“Deadwood” Cast

Over the night sky in my little mountain hometown of Marion, NC, is a white cross celebrating the birth of Christ. Reminded me that America is not gone yet, despite the “progressives'” best efforts. ~~ December 21, 2017

I wonder if back in the caveman days – and, no, I am NOT old enough to have been there – they clamored for “club control” after every murder or mass “clubbing”? — October 4, 2017

My Personal 10 Commandments … based on my own unique adventure through life: (Probably, there are many of you who won’t agree with all 10. In fact, maybe there is only one or two. That’s ok, but these are things that, through my lens, are indisputable, so, let’s not argue. It won’t end well.)

1 – There is a God

2 – The Bible is his word and Jesus was real

3 – The Catholic Church is the one true church

4 – The United States is the greatest country that has ever existed

5 – Marriage is between one man and one woman

6 – The culture of political correctness prevailing these days, and all that it entails, is a sure sign of a decaying society

7 – The men & women who run toward danger to protect the rest of us can never be thanked enough

8 – You don’t have to accept everything to love everyone

9 – Nature has a beauty that cannot be imagined

10 – An innocent baby is the greatest gift of all

I just did them off the top of my head … there are others, perhaps, that could be interchanged with some of them. And, of course, the Los Angeles Dodgers & Dallas Cowboys are the bomb! Be you! Oh, and, I LOVE pancakes!! ~~ July 9, 2017

Liberty. Statesmen argued for it … soldier Patriots died for it … yet … so many … try so hard … to give so much of it … away! Happy Birthday, America! ~~ July 4, 2017

Health Care … When I was little I never gave it a thought. When I was sick, I went to the doctor. Better yet, often, when I was sick, the doctor came to me. House calls. Yep. THAT was health care. I am not a rich man, but all my life I had good health care. Then, along came Obama and the looney left and health care came to the forefront as another tool for big government to get bigger; to control more aspects of your life. Since the disaster that is – still – ObamaCare came into existence – the bill that had to be passed, only by Democrats, to see what was in it – I have lost my doctor, my premiums have risen [though my income has not, in fact, my retirement income is far less than I made as a working man], and my out-of-pocket is higher. ObamaCare did NOT benefit me, not in the slightest. But, who cares? It was all about making more people dependent on government for more things. In the long run, single payer [government-only provided health “care”] is the goal. So, speaking only from my personal life experience … I came from a post-WWII middle-class home, struggled mightily through my entire life to make ends meet because my wife & I made a conscious choice to live on one income for the benefit of our children, had a large family, and always had health care … without ObamaCare. So, what was the point? A hugely humongous piece of partisan legislation that has cost billions upon billions while yielding a very small bang for the buck, which, in my case, would be a negative result. Oh yeah … the point is single payer. So, the Republicans have stumped on Repeal & Replace, but that is not what is happening. They are simply tinkering to placate their base – which includes me – but I am not having it. Not much is really happening. Why even REPLACE it? I say REPEAL it – in its entirety. Open up the free markets and then pass bits of legislation to fix INDIVIDUAL problems inherent in the system. It is NEVER going to happen. The Democrats always win, even when they appear to lose. Their agenda keeps moving forward, albeit at a slower pace [right now]. Once the government has its fingers in the till, it never lets go. I believe that we WILL have single payer down the road, probably before my days are up. — June 23, 2017

Islam — a religion of peace. I don’t know, maybe it is, but it has an uncanny ability to sprout violent, extremist strains in amazingly large numbers and frequencies. Why this is a unique feature of that one major religion – in these times – is a mystery to me. It is a problem that western nations have a responsibility – to their own citizens – to closely & carefully monitor and to deal with in kind. Hashtags and loving sentiments just don’t cut it. ~~ June 8, 2017

Memorial Day … in the beginning … Early one April morning in 1775, the Lexington militia of Massachusetts assembled on the green. Word was, the British were on their way to nearby Concord to relieve the colonists of a reported munitions store. The road to Concord went through Lexington. The militia formed loose ranks and hoped the British just ignored them. A regiment of the King’s men appeared in short order…  in battle formation. “Lay down your arms, you damned rebels…” Shots rang out. The battle, a mere skirmish really, lasted but minutes, and then the British soldiers were back on the road to Concord. Arguably, the eight men that lay dead or dying on that Common were the very first Americans to die in battle in the cause to defend their [soon-to-be] Country.
~~~~ John Brown — Samuel Hadley — Caleb Harrington — Jonathon Harrington — Robert Munroe — Isaac Muzzey — Asahel Porter — Jonas Parker ~~~~
Their names ought be remembered. So, the British marched on Concord where they met a stiffer resistance, and after burning some buildings, they left – in retreat – headed back to the safety of Boston. The Colonists had other plans, and militias from most all the surrounding towns – including the reassembled Lexington unit – came to harass the soldiers all the way back to the City, from behind every tree, stone wall and house. By the next morning, some 20,000 militiamen surrounded the town. It was some form of poetic justice that on this day a bunch of backwoods farmers had bested a regiment or two representing the finest fighting force in the World. The American Revolution was on … and, if you read about it & explore the historical sites, it is a thing of beauty! ~~ May 29, 2017

Artists rendition

An online friend of mine was on the Trump Train from the very beginning. I mean before even those 17 man/woman debates began. The VERY beginning. I thought he was nuts, and I told him so … something along the lines of, “He has no chance to win. He’s a joke, a clown. I don’t even think he is serious. NO chance, at all.”Hmmm … so much for my political analysis.Because, as you know, he DID win, not only the Republican nomination [beating a succession of my “Picks” in the process] but the Ceiling-Buster Herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton … uhhh … the Woman of the People, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, Donald J. Trump is the President. Who woulda thunk it.ย I was elated, because I WAS NOT WITH HER. Many of you were, for some reason that I cannot fathom. I mean I can see why you may not have been for Trump, but FOR HER?!? Now, we have this issue of “Respect for the Office.” Well, actually we don’t. We used to. That’s what all you Dems used to say to us when we criticized then President Obama. Remember? I KNOW you do. Yet, I’ve not heard it Since January — or, November, really. Odd. Now, I know, Obama had it rough. “W” had it even rougher, once the 9/11 America-Come-Together Love Fest ended. Even Slick Willie had it tough there for a while, though I doubt that he noticed … all that work he just had to do in the Oval Orifice. [Did I just type that? Dang!] But, c’mon, I mean this is REALLY disturbing. “Respect for the Office”!!! Remember? I mean, at least you could have afforded him the luxury for the first 100 days. “Oh, but he’s so vile!” Maybe, but Obama was close to subversives, “W” was once a drunk, and Whoppin’ Wee Willie was a story unto himself … and the ladies. “Respect for the Office.”Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. LOL! ROTFL! EVERY little tidbit of “news” about him is skewered by your “liberal” lances. EVERYTHING! No matter what. This man was given NO CHANCE at all to succeed by half the Country. If you really look, you know, you might find some stuff he has done, maybe, little stuff … actually, from where I stand, some very GOOD stuff, despite getting no cooperation of any kind from just about anywhere. It is ludicrous, disrespectful, and, to many of the other half of the Country, quite embarrassing. I mean, even I keep waiting for something to really go wrong – because he’s NOT a politician, he is vain, to put it mildly … I don’t know … but I have respect for him because I want him to succeed … for the Country. I have respect for him because he has clearly indicated that he loves his Country and will put America first. I respect him – and thus the Office, of course – because, though it may not fully work in the swamps of DC, he is an old-fashioned problem solver. But, that’s me ….”Respect for the Office.” You know, like it or not, we really are in this together. I know, I know … you’re in the Resistance business and so you are Resisting. As a famous weatherman once said, regarding another topic, back when I was a kid in NY [he was fired for saying so] – and I paraphrase – “Sometimes resistance is futile and it is better to just lay back and enjoy it.” Please, I’m beggin’ ya, for the NEXT 100 days, at least, show some – just a little – “Respect for the Office.”Oh, WAIT … WHAT?!? Never mind …
~~~~ A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand ~~~~
~~ May 16, 2017

Down by the creek that runs along the Belt Parkway … the only time I can remember being knocked down by a single blow – well, other than the time a startled sow turned and ran right through my knee; I think that knocked me over – and I’ve taken some pretty powerful blows to the face, at least one that broke my nose … but I always stood tall. Except for that one shot while playing ball down by the creek. I was pitching. The batter was my cousin, John [aka Superman]. I fired the pitch and he shot a screaming line drive right back at me. Couldn’t get the glove up in time and it hit me square in the forehead. Knocked me straight down on my arse. I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to figure out whether that knocked some sense into, or out of, me. No need to supply the answer. It’s one of my life’s little mysteries. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~~ May 3, 2017

This is too good not to share — I shant disclose its source, but I do vaguely remember this. Sent to me just today: “Greetings old man! Drove past your grandmothers house in Lynbrook tonight and suddenly recalled a conversation we had on her front step when we were about eight or nine. Discussed whether or not we would peek at a woman’s breasts if we came across a dead woman on the street. Twisted little minds.” I swear, I have never done that! Then again, I’ve never come across a dead woman on the street. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Curious little minds … not twisted … curious! I never would have thought of this again, not in a million years, but once mentioned, it instantly came to life. I can picture vividly two young, innocent lads shooting the breeze … and this came up! The mind is an amazing place!! ~~ April 30, 2017

Me & Dad … Seems that anyone who ever has anything to say about my Dad always remembers him fondly. What a gift! He was a good man. And, he was my Dad. Just about all my passions in life I can trace back directly to him. American History, road trip travels through pastoral settings, baseball [complete with an infusion of Dodger Blue], pancakes and politics [he was a Barry Goldwater conservative] … he is always with me. Ah … but those politics … they got in the way at the end. We always had a good & close relationship … Well, he didn’t much care for the long locks I was growing, didn’t like the music blaring from my phonograph, didn’t appreciate at all my increasingly anti-war stance, and most of all, he didn’t appreciate the attitude … my attitude. And, I must admit, I did have an attitude … So, by 1969 we had grown far apart. He had already suffered a few heart attacks, and then a boyhood friend of his passed away. I can remember him sitting at the edge of his bed weeping. I think that he knew then he had not long to live. He got to see his Mets [the replacement for his Brooklyn Dodgers who had long ago gone to LA] win a World Series that fall. Shortly thereafter, he began showing me how to do little things around the house … bleeding the radiators & the like. But, our relationship was strained and somewhat hostile [I was, anyway]. Then, one night in January, he was gone. Gone at 42. I was a high school senior, just 17. It was a relief. Now I was free.Yep, a real dumb-ass I was. It took me several years before I really began to realize what I was missing in my life … how much he had meant to me … wondered if not for me he may have hung in there a bit longer … as the years went by, there were so very many times I would wish he was there. But, he wasn’t. I think that the delayed trauma of his death has affected me for my entire life. I love you, Pops! ~~ April 29, 2017

Brooklyn, NY, 1953 — Me & Dad

My pet peeve of the moment: I’m not a linguist nor an accomplished writer, but, I can speak & write in a fairly coherent & correct manner. Usually. Here’s something I hear all too often. Before I headed south from NY, I don’t really recall hearing it very much, but here in NC I hear it quite often. Now that I am retired and am watching TV more than I ever have, I hear it all the freakin’ time … not just by knotheads, either. I hear professional people sometimes say it. It is this: “I seen her blah, blah, blah …” when the person really should be saying, “I saw her blah, blah, blah”. Or, “… I have seen …” if you’d like to use the present perfect tense. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am amazed by how many people say this. From all across the land. A virtual potpourri of bad behaviors can be discovered by watching Judge Judy. The American populace sounds as if they are learning English for the very first time. What is going on in school? And now you know. ~~ January 6, 2017

Last night was amazing. Settled in to watch the election returns with my favorite bunch of newscasters and pundits, Fox News. Sat there for a full workday — from 7PM — 3:30AM — until the A-Team finally called the race and turned it over to the early morning crew.I was rooting hard, but I never really had any belief that Donald Trump would really win. 16 or 18 months ago, when this long journey began, I didn’t even believe he was a serious candidate. So, try as I might to envision a Trump presidency, I couldn’t. But, I had to watch and see. Sitting there — all was going OK, but nothing unexpected. Then, I guess it was around 11, a noticeable change in body language and expression from the TV guys & gals. It overtook me, as well. All of a sudden, it was clear …. hey, Donald Trump might actually win this thing! Ohio, Florida, North Carolina — all fell in place. I was getting choked up. Once Wisconsin went red it was really getting exciting. Better than any football game. I was starting to believe the unthinkable … the headline was going to be, “Donald Trump pulls huge upset!” I was downright giddy. And it came to pass … finally … after a long & adrenalin draining lull. I am still feeling the effects.That is what 8 years of Obama will do to a guy. This guy, anyway. Went to bed, at long last, feeling at peace and hoping it might calm things down just a bit. Should have known better — rowdy protests in the streets — death threats on Twitter — yes, calls to kill Trump! — sniping and whining all over the place — the media – complicit in the attempt to thwart Trump & prop up the Woman – claiming they misjudged the populace, but proving they are ready & willing to make the same mistakes over & over — the usual taunts of racists, sexists, bigots, KKK followers … it gets really ugly out there — worst of all, all those people saying they were going to leave the country if Trump wins are still here; some even say they were just joking. The nerve! Get a grip, people. Is the Academia/Pop-Culture/Mainstream Media coalition not enough for you? Later today, President-elect Donald J. Trump will meet with President Barack H. Obama to begin the process of a peaceful transfer of power. If they can do it amenably, surely we can, too. At least until January 21st, or whenever. Can’t we? ~~ November 10, 2016

I know that there are a lot of you out there who think that it is going to be so “wonderful” to have a woman elected president of our United [sort of] States … and up to a point, I can appreciate that. I do wonder just how wonderful it is going to be, and look, when that same woman gets hauled out of the Oval Office in hand-cuffs half-way through her first term. Making history has its perils. Wrong woman; wrong time. ~~ November 3, 2016

If I am fortunate enough to meet George, Thomas, Benjamin, John or Samuel up there in God’s Country, I want to be able to look them in the eye, and say, “I did what I could, I am sorry.” ~~ October 17, 2016

The media is making it sound like the upcoming presidential debate is a Ali VS Frazier heavyweight fight. To me, it might be more akin to the Wicked Witch of the West VS the Big Bad Wolf. ~~ September 23, 2016

It is so wonderful to see that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will no longer be blabbering away like a blithering idiot on the nightly news any longer. That said, pant-suit woman should have stepped down instead. ALWAYS a fall guy [or gal] for the Clintons. They must hold the world record for causing people to fall on swords. ~~ July 24, 2016

For those chanting “What do we want? Dead cops,” exactly how many do you need before you shut the hell up? ~~ July 17, 2016

The past will shine a light on the path to the future. The present is merely the bridge – a rapid succession of fleeting moments. ~~ June 27, 2016

Obama says the events in Orlando should serve as a “sobering reminder.” Are we children? Do our attention spans consist of 15 second political sound bites? How many times must we be soberly reminded that just about all these killings are caused not by guns of law-abiding citizens but of mental cases or Islamic extremists? The idea of punishing responsible gun owners, of which I am one, for the deeds of evil-doers is ludicrous. Might a suicide vest or two have been more palpable to you? A truck bomb maybe? 4 jet-liners? Or maybe just a plain, ordinary knife. Must be a kinder, gentler killing by a blade of steel. Evildoers find ways. That’s one reason many of the rest of us are gun owners … like those that came before us. It’s tradition … but I imagine that you Progressives know little of that. ~~ June 13, 2016

Back in the day, you could say what you wanted to, but your actions were more reserved. Today, they have flip-flopped — your speech is stifled, but your behaviors are not. ~~ May 22, 2016

My good old buddy, Butch, & I were hitch-hiking down the west coast …. we were still a bit inland in a cornfield in Oregon. I think we slept in that cornfield that nite – unseen from the world. Woke in the misty morning, smoked our doobies, slung the backpacks on, and walked out to the country road – or so it was in 1972. There was a little restaurant not far from where we came out of the corn. It was a rustic, cabin-type building if memory serves me well. Used the facilities to wash up just a bit and then were seated. We were both pancake freaks and here we were in pancake country [you know, the lumberjack thing]. Hot Dog! The waitress was also the proprietor, and also the cook. She was that infamous little old lady – hair all up in a bun. We ordered the pancakes … she brought them out – huge, piping hot stacks; light & fluffy. We gobbled them up like we hadn’t eaten in weeks. She came out to see how we were doing and give us the check. As she was refilling our coffee cups, we were laying on the lavish praise about how those pancakes were indescribably delicious – and they really were – she was so flattered. She said, “You just wait here, boys.” Out she came with 2 more piping hot stacks of pancakes. “On the house.” Seems we gobbled them up like we hadn’t eaten in weeks, as well. Darn they were excellent pancakes. The best I have ever had — Clatskanie, Oregon … that’s where that little place was. ~~ February 3, 2016

In Obama’s alternate universe, he actually believes he is above partisanship. There’s a reason that we are so divided, and he is a major part of it. ~~ January 13, 2016

We have these monuments and gravesites, battlefields and banners the battlers fought under. It’s called Preservation of History And that keeps our story straight for other generations … like a wampum belt, if I may. Does destroying these things change the History? Better question: When I look in the mirror these days I no longer see the young man I once was; I see, instead, an aging geezer. Should I smash the mirror? Will that make me look & feel younger? I think not. No … everything will be exactly the same. ~~ January 13, 2016

E Pluribus Unum … โ€œOut of Many, One” That’s what is not understood today when it comes to immigration. ~~ January 10, 2016

More than likely, either I won’t explain myself clearly or you won’t understand exactly what I meant to say. That little preface might save a friendship; it may not.. Are you Islamaphobic? Probably not. Merriam Webster definition of a phobia is, “an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.” I feel very sure that my feelings as to Muslims do not qualify as a phobia. In fact, I do not fear Muslims at all, but, there is good reason to exert care in how you choose to interact with a portion of them. The issue then becomes what portion and how can I tell they fit the criteria for exercising caution? I don’t know of a sure answer, unless it is based on their past actions, in which case they may no longer be an active threat. You just can’t be certain. The “strain” of Islam that has become radicalized to the point of performing acts of terrorism against groups of hated innocents, we are told, is not “really” Islam. Is that like Pentecostals are not really Christians? Who gets to make these broad declarations? Radical Islamic terrorists are a relatively large portion of the Islamic world. They have beliefs that we, as westerners, find disconcerting. We are told that most Muslims do, too. I wonder how MANY of the “most.” We know that there are many Muslim groups, worldwide, that are currently spreading terror. In most of our lives, we may not have become aware of it until 1979 during the Iranian hostage situation. These groups can be fearless, brutal, unpredictable, hatching well-planned and well-armed plots that are often well funded by States. More than a match for their intended targets, i.e. airplanes into the World Trade Center buildings. By definition, terrorism is designed to cause maximum terror within the civilian population. So, we are told that if we see something, say something. That was done in the Clock Boy case by a school District. Now, they are being sued. So, the government gives mixed messages which actually had an effect in San Bernadino. Pretty much anything we the people suggest gets an answer that sounds like, “That will only embolden them further.” Add to that, we are also told that we don’t need our guns. Well, given the nature of the attacks outside of the ISIS main battlefield, I think I will possibly need my guns to save my life and hopefully the lives of others. I know I have a propensity for diving into action when a crisis pops up. I will need an upgrade in arms. This is all merely for self-defense. I will not be embarking on witch hunts, but I will see & say and be prepared if the bullets start whizzing my way. I said to my son that though I try to treat everyone, Muslims included, the same, I have a bit of an uneasy feeling when dealing with a Muslim. There’s no phobia or hate to it. You cannot tell the good from the bad with any safe level of certainty; the “bad” ones have declared war on us; their actions bear that out; they are organized … not just a fruit loop escaped from his box. The have rhetoric that leaves no doubt. Have you ever read the ISIS magazine online? Bottom line, there is nothing illogical, exaggerated, or inexplicable about any fears you might be enduring. It’s real, unfortunately, and the blood trail proves it. I used to harbor this theory back in the day when I sided with the left. I always thought – no, knew – that if we were invaded by a foreign enemy I’d be side by side with my conservative fellow Americans. Now, not so sure about that. Liberalism has devolved into a casket of doo-gooders and sympathizers. Some will stand, for sure. But when it comes to the Muslim how do you tell if it’s sincere or treachery. They are very formidable at the latter. When can you be so free that you actually expose your holes to the enemy and don’t even care? ~~ December 8, 2015

Once upon a time … I was working at the old Psych. Ctr. in Wingdale, NY. Went out to my car for lunch and there was a burnt rag hanging out of my gas tank … No … well, that really did occur, but that’s not the story … Once upon ANOTHER time … I was working at the Psych Ctr. in Wingdale, NY. Went out to my car for lunch and I got in the car & started it up. It would not go into drive. It did, but the car wouldn’t go forward. Got out of the car, popped the hood, and looked in there. I don’t know why. I know nothing about cars. I just kick the tires when something goes wrong. Anyway, I probably did kick the tires, but the car still wouldn’t move. On a whim, I put in into reverse. It MOVED. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tried it in drive again. No luck. What to do? I put it in reverse and pulled out. Drove out of the parking lot to the main road … in reverse … with the hood up. Nice! Went the 3/4 of a mile, or so, to my mechanic’s shop. He really was MY mechanic. I was always driving old clunkers that needed repair. One time, we had 3 cars there at the same time. [had lots of reserves!!]. So, I pull into his lot – in reverse … with the hood up. Alvin came right out. He stood at his doorway, somewhat dismayed. “Hey Alvin, my car won’t go in drive.” “Do you have the emergency brake on?” Ooops! And now you know … ๐Ÿ™‚ ~~ November 22, 2015

I saw a college football player – I forget what team he was on [Florida State? Clemson?] – whose jersey had the last name of “Christmas” on it. I wonder if he’ll have to change it to “Holiday”? ~~ November 10, 2015

I can remember being in a bathroom with a long line of urinals. Guys lined up peeing. I was one of them. It was crowded and smoky, with the smell of marijuana wafting through the air. Music was blaring from the concert hall during an intermission between acts. Against the walls, sitting on the bathroom floor, were a bunch of long-haired, stoned out hippies. The only problem was that there were young men AND women sitting there getting stoned and watching us guys take turns relieving ourselves. It was at the Fillmore East in NYC back around 1970 or ’71. It was a weird moment. Fast forward to 2015. I am sorry. You can call me any name you wish. Back then, at the Fillmore, it was an uncomfortable feeling for me. I can only imagine what feelings this Obama Administration ruling will summon. Guys, with penises, who think they are girls, can now co-mingle with girls, without penises, who also think they are girls. And, I assume, vice-versa. Naked in locker-room showers. In the bathrooms of our schools. For the sake of one, they will wreak havoc on the emotions of so many. I am sick to my stomach. A man and a woman = a marriage. Still failing to wrap my brain around the notion that it could possibly mean anything else. Transgender???? I cannot find the words. The world is fast becoming a foreign place to me. Really fast. Submit? Accept it? No, thank you, I can’t. It is no wonder I have chosen to be a hermit. God save us. ~~ November 3, 2015

There really is no true Democrat any longer … the Party has a flavor of the half-century … 60 years ago, they were segregationists … today they are socialists with atheistic tendencies. The right – though I am sure most leftists will disagree – have basically held their ground. It just seems we are further right because the left is so far off on the horizon. ~~ Octoberย 24,ย 2015

Has the atmosphere of political corruption become so insidious that it has actually seeped into the mindset of the electorate and is embraced & accepted as part of the process and thus OK? A teary-eyed Hillary Clinton says she is sorry – after 6 months of saying that she has done nothing wrong – and accepts responsibility. What is she sorry for? For having a private e-mail account? That is what she apologized for. Not for having her own secret, private server. Not for mixing her private and State Department e-mails. Not for deleting, according to her, about half of them. Not for picking & choosing which ones to be deleted. No, not for possibly having the server wiped clean. Not even for having top secret e-mails passng through that server. And that according to IGs. And, of course, not for lying about any of that. Still, #1 in the Democrat primary polls. One of 20 people in Obama’s circle, who is supposed to know what classified material looks like. She said so herself. Over time, she has added qualifiers … one after another … as she got pushed further & further into a corner. Yet, they are/were there. So, she’s sorry. And, responsible. So? If I get a speeding ticket, I am responsible. I pay the ticket. If my drawer was short at the Post Office, I was responsible. I paid the shortage. What does being responsible mean to Hillary Clinton? 4 men dead at a Libyan facility. She was responsible. Classified material passing through her private server – against the rules – she was responsible. Show us Hillary. Take responsibility. Drop out! ~~ September 14, 2015

To be continued …

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