A Simple Tale …

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada – 1972 — Came upon this photo of the place today and it reminded me of a very simple event. No long true confession this time. My buddy, Butch – lovingly known as Doof – and I hitchhiked across the Country that summer of ’72. When you travel in that manner, you are at the mercy of the people you run into. We were fairly ripe by the time we arrived at this scene. Long-haired, scruffy [not all that different from NOW, come to think of it], dirty and worn from nights of sleeping on the roadside, between trailers, any patch of soft earth we could find. We actually just strutted on in to the lodge you can see in the foreground, an upscale kind of place, certainly compared to the condition we were in. We looked around for a hip-looking maid. “She looks the part!” “Hey, can you slip us in a room so we can take showers?” She did. And we did. Beautiful place, that Lake Louise!

A view of Lake Louise

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