~~~ Our Conundrum with The Founding Fathers ~~~

Been thinking … been thinking about what the Founding Fathers would think of how the America they created is doing these days. Of course, the Founders were of many different opinions – they had some serious disagreements before settling on what they did — the Constitution & the Bill of Rights, all prefaced by the Declaration of Independence years before. So, I imagine, that each of those men would have a slightly different take on 2018 America. My only choice is to group them together as one, as those documents were their collective consensus.

Founding Fathers

Were they liberals or conservatives? We all claim them as our own, but that is quite impossible. They couldn’t be both, could they? Liberals claim they were “progressive” radicals. Conservatives believe that they were, like themselves, “conservatives.”

Times change and what was conservative & liberal in the 18th century have changed with them.

I am of the opinion that liberalism has been distorted & mutated so drastically by those who call themselves “progressive” that it would no longer be recognized by our Founders. Conservativism, on the other hand, might be recognized as being similar to what they believed. It was outrageous and daring in their time – going against the Crown, and all – but their principles are very much conservative today. Libertarian at the very least. Their actions were very radical, but their beliefs by today’s standards were not. So, what were they?

I recall watching a Meghan Kelly interview with one of the Koch brothers back when she had her show on Fox News. It was very enlightening for me because about all I knew of them, other than that they are big political donors, was that today’s “progressives” despise them and place much of the blame for America’s woes on them. She asked him about his political leanings. His answer surprised me.

Classical Liberal. That’s what he said. What’s that?

“‘Classical liberalism’ is the term used to designate the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade.”

Dang, that does sound a lot like conservatism today. Again, Libertarian at the very least. It also sounds a lot like the Founders. One thing it does NOT sound like is today’s “liberalism,” which, like the party it thrives in, is something altogether different from “classical liberalism.” It is “progressivism” which appears to be code for socialism.

All of which leads me to believe that there is little doubt that, if it is at all possible, our Founding Fathers MUST be rolling over in their graves. Though they would most likely be amazed at some aspects of our America, they would probably not recognize Her as a direct descendant of their writings.

We sure could use the wisdom of the Founding Fathers today.

You know what’s funny? The very label – Founding Fathers – is found to be offensive by many “progressives.” No way the Founders could identify as today’s “progressive.” They would be harangued and thwarted at every turn. Just like we are.


  1. It’s once again about the fight for the same freedom sought back at the founding of our nation. Right now our nation is fighting for the preservation of freedom as set forth by our founding fathers. They had it right. I hope we can maintain our nation as they envisioned.


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