Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

When you’re a kid, all the birthdays are something you look forward to … 10 is great – double digits; 13 – Wow, a teenager; 18 – you’re in the Army now kid; 21 – now I’m talkin’! Fully grown! Yeah … right. Then, at least if you are from the Baby Boomer Generation, they get less fun. Courtesy of Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin we were taught to never trust anyone over 30.  Then … suddenly … you ARE 30! For me, it was bordering on traumatic. Worst one of them all … it really was. The other decades weren’t too bad. 40 – 50 -60 … Just keep getting older. 42 was weird for me because that is the age my father died at. It was strange to be so young and to have lived longer than my Dad. But 62! That was a big one for me. 62 … officially crossing over the threshold into old age. Social Security. All that jazz. I was not exactly looking forward to it. Thank you, all of you out in Facebook land – many of whom I have Birthday Cakeknown for decades – for your kind and considerate posts and PMs. I really appreciate each & ever one. Facebook has some very real positives, and stuff like this is surely one of them. From here on out, I think every Birthday will be OK. Made it another year. Thanks, again — all of you, for brightening my day! Now I’m 63 … next is when I’m 64, a delightful song! Oh, joy!

For the record, my FIRST birthday was March 2, 1952 at 7:31 AM. It was during a snowstorm [precursor of things to come?] in Brooklyn, NY. First of 3 … one brother; one sister. Terrific, both!

While I’m at it, Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss, as well!!

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