Look to Evil …

A hammer doesn’t build a house, people do.

A car doesn’t drive itself [well, until recently], people do.

A book doesn’t read or write itself, people do.

A gun doesn’t kill people, people kill people.

It’s really that simple. A hammer, a car, a book, a gun all have one thing in common; they are inanimate objects. Left to their own devices, they just sit there and collect dust. Believe me, I have dusty stuff all over the place. Humans are unique. We are far from inanimate; we think, we feel, we act. And, to the extent any of the zillions of inanimate objects we use every day are evil, it would only be due to the manner in which they were used – or misused – by a human. They are all just mere tools.

If a hammer smashes the brains out of a man on the street, it’s because of a human.

If a car mows down scores of pedestrians in the name of Allah, it’s because of a human.

If a book is used as kindling to burn down a family’s home, it’s because of a human.

And, if a gun mows down 17 children at a school, it because of a human.

That tells me the place to look is at human behavior. Look to evil.

It is often said that America has some sort of Cowboy-style “gun culture.” That is pure BS. I have 4 guns and all 4 are very well-behaved. I have them because I like them. I have them because I want home defense. I have one because it is something of a collector’s item. That is the case with almost all gun-owners; self-defense, hunting, recreational shooting. Hardly a “gun culture.” WE have a device [read Smart Phone] culture – and a lot of harm comes from it.

We are blessed to live in this Country – a country we may be ruining, but a country that was founded on the highest principles & freedoms. We are so fortunate for that. The right to own and bear arms is a Constitutional right granted by those principles & freedoms.

The gun is not the problem. The person is. The evil or demented person that misuses the tool. The Society that creates & enables the circumstances that allow people to fester in a world of psychological filth … that’s to blame. Tough to deal with. Requires soul-searching.

So much easier to just blame the gun.

Next time you have a hammer in your hand, just imagine the damage you could do, if only you were demented.

HS Shooting.png

PS – As for the NRA, they are just an advocacy group, of which I have been a member at times, working hard to keep the ultimate hard-left goal of having a mass gun confiscation from ever becoming reality in this Country.

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