A “Woman’s” Body … aborting the “war on women”

Woke up today with a new feeling. An aura. I was feeling like I was identifying as a woman. Gone was the toxic masculinity of my past, replaced with a light & breezy feeling of femininity. Amazing. And a very good thing – timely – because today I wanted to write a post about abortion, and they tell me, “until you carry a baby in your body, don’t tell me about abortion” [PS – one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.] Well, I still haven’t, but this day, I feel as though I can. Feeling VERY womanly. Pink everywhere!

So, as a woman, I ask … what gives us the right to snuff out the Spirit of one of God’s Gifts? Even before it can take it’s first breath? And, we vehemently claim that it is our “Constitutional right”?

Now, I don’t know, I haven’t read the Constitution since I’ve been identifying as a woman, but as a man I never could find that particular clause anywhere. Perhaps my toxic masculinity was clouding my vision, I don’t know. I suppose it’s that “privacy” thing that is in there.

Privacy. So, killing a baby is our right because it’s private? Woman or man, if I kill someone in my bedroom closet is it legal? I mean, as a woman, I feel that is a very private place – like the womb of a home. Is that what we consider a “Constitutional right to an abortion”? Privacy? And denial of that “right constitutes a “war on women”? Malarkey!

Oh, it’s YOUR body. Well, sorry, I mean “ours.” But it’s not really just our body. It’s not like a kidney, or something. It’s a completely new PERSON in there. By the way, can we sell an organ legally? I mean it is OUR body. And what happens if we abuse “our” body? Don’t we end up in a psych ward somewhere? Rehab at the least? But killing a baby is just okay. Maybe, I – we – should try “identifying” as a fetus.

Another thing, it’s not really ours alone. A man [yuk!] had something to do with the creation of our pre-abortion “blob of tissue.” Yet, we tell those men to “shut up until you are pregnant.” Hmm … after the birth, we ask for child support, but before it’s all “our choice.” Might there be some hypocrisy there? It takes both a man & a woman for the miracle of creation to take place – yes we women [Boy it’s great “identifying ” as one, I feel very empowered] are solely blessed by God to provide safe haven for the first 9 months of the miracle’s life – and it takes both a man & a woman to properly care for the miracle. Before conception both man & woman need to consent to the act; after birth both man & woman are expected to care for the child; but between those two events – conception & birth – it’s all a woman’s right to choose? The toxic male has nothing to do with it, or even nothing to say about it.

It’s NOT “our” body, it’s IN “our” body. It’s in there for safety and well-being while it grows strong enough to begin to face the rigors of a long life. What gives us the Constitutional “right” to kill it?

In an era when we have given up so many of our true Constitutional rights to privacy, the ugliest one of all still exists.

Weird, as a man, I always felt this way. I just couldn’t say it. But, as a woman, I can.

Identifying as a woman has its perks.

I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go now. I have a track meet to run.


Back to identifying as my true self. You may howl now. It was nice visiting the other side, but I prefer toxicity. And in the interest of full disclosure, back when I was 18 & 19, and didn’t know better, I helped fund two abortions. Yep. Not proud. Perhaps that was my first go-round of “identifying” as a woman. Those are sins I have always lived with. I wrote this in hopes you won’t have to. It seems a grim proposition with film companies, and whoever else will jump in, planning on boycotting states who would dare to limit the right of humans to butcher other, as yet unborn [in many cases, just barely] humans. Despite all the claims of “incest & rape,” truth is abortion is most often used as a “way after ‘pill'” —- Oh, there I go, spewing more toxic venom. MEN these days!

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